The Sames company has been operating in the fire-fighting sector for almost half a century, started his own business by selling fire-fighting equipment and providing maintenance, especially equipping itself to perform maintenance and refilling of fire extinguishers with vans used as mobile workshops, always respecting and in compliance with current Regulations.

To date, the Sames company, operates throughout the Country, following customers of primary importance in their respective area of expertiseas well as in several ports of strategic importance in the marine industry. Over the years, given the excellent level of services provided and the consequent increase in market share acquired, in large part thanks to the references provided by Customers, the decision was made to expand and diversify the range of products for safety at work and the individual protection devices provided by the Company. Similarly, the range of services offered has expanded, in addition to the traditional fire-protection and fire-fighting equipment, the Sames company has also specialized in the supply and maintenance of fire protection systems.

In this evolution and expansion the Sames company is however, and always, remained tied to its artisan roots, exalting its flexibility and the availability that have made it the peculiarity as well as major strength.

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