Description and Applications

The principle of operation of the switch-off water mist is to an application throughout the protected environment of finely divided drops of water, on the order of tens of millimeters.

The further development of this system has been in the marine environment but for their effectiveness are slowly spreading more and more in many other areas. The applications in the earth are: protection of machinery spaces and turbines in the presence of flammable liquids, protection of residential areas and office classified in Europe as risk areas and some ordinary systems off and smoke removal to be used for subfloors computer rooms of average size.

Plant Water Mist The water is so finely divided as to allow a combination of effects:

  • cooling;
  • inerting
  • blocking the transmission of radiant heat.

The size of the water droplets is encoded by the standard NFPA 750 depending on the size of the droplets used:

  • Class I : drops from 50 um to more than 95% of the total paid droplets
  • Class II : drops from 100 to 200 um for over 95% of the total paid droplets
  • Class III : drops from 400 to 1000 um for over 95% of the total paid droplets